TAG Aluminium Split Frame Clamshells

Range: 1" - 48"

The TAG Clamshell range of portable cold pipe cutting and bevelling machines are designed for ease of use, even in difficult situations. Thanks to their low profile frame they are the perfect machine for use when access to the pipe is restricted.
The TAG range of Cut & Prep Clamshells are available with pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motors, and will cover a range from 1˝ to 48˝ o/d. Larger sizes are available on request. Cutting and bevelling can be performed simultaneously, any type of weld prep can be achieved including compound angles and “j-preps”.

TAG Aluminium Split Frame Clamshells

TAG’s new Range of split Frame Clamshells are essentially portable lathes.
Offering the versatility to cut, and Be vel (simultaneously if required), Face, c ounterbore, and O/d machine pipes(and vessels) of almost any diameter.

A ligh tweight a luminium body, encases a steel inner ring gear running on solid bearings, ensuring manageability, yet extreme strength and durability.
c oupled with wide, hardened clamping feet, with easy read rule marks, enable rapid, repeatable concentric setup, even on out of round pipes and joints.
a range of tooling, power units, and accessories allow you to tailor your machine to your particular job.


Features & Advantages

  • 11 models cover a range from 1" (25.4 mm) to 48" (1219.2 mm) Od
  • Pneumatic, Hydraulic, standard electric and NC SERVO Electric Drive options provide increased versatility
  • Adjustable heavy duty bearings, combined with easy access maintenance points allow inspection and adjustment.
  • Clamping Feet are quickly and easily adjusted via a flush Hex head through the outer ring. Feet feature easy read measure marks for rapid setup & adjustment
  • TAG clamshells accept a wide range of accessories to increase performance and expand machine capabilities
  • unique ‘TAG transmission’ tool slides’ with changeable gears for adjustable Radial tool feed.


TAG Aluminium Split Frame Clamshells


The Range

Model (A) Mounting Min Max
TSF6 1 - 6" (25.4 - 168.3 mm)
TSF8 2 - 8" (50.8 - 219.0 mm)
TSF12 6 - 12" (168.3 - 323.0 mm)
TSF16 10 - 16" (254.0 - 406.4 mm)
TSF18 12 - 18" (323.9 - 457.2 mm)
TSF20 14 - 20" (355.6 - 508.0 mm)
TSF24 18 - 24" (457.2 - 609.6 mm)
TSF30 24 - 30" (609.6 - 762 mm)
TSF36 30 - 36" (762 - 914.4 mm)
TSF42 36 - 42" (914.4 - 1066.8 mm)
TSF48 42 - 48" (1066.8 - 1219.2 mm)


Options List
TAG’s Hss Co range of tooling includes sever, bevel, double-bevel, compound bevel and counter bore tools. t AG tooling is available in a range of different lengths and sizes, to match tooling with application precisely.
We also offer custom designed tooling, special tool steel, and inserts for applications not covered by our standard range.



To meet the varying needs of job-sites worldwide, TAG’s Clamshell Motors & Drives are available in a range of configurations.
Drive motors are available in hydraulic, pneumatic and electric configurations. Motor mounting flanges are available in straight back(in-line), right angle and front drive reversible options. The new TAG NC s ervo motor offers a new level of power from a single phase electric supply.



TAG’s n ew single phase electric nc (numerically contolled) servo motor offers a new level of performance and capacity for electric drive power of taG’s s plit Frame range.

A 2 Kilowatt servo motor, which, like a 3 phase motor, or Hydraulic drive, does not slow and strain under load. the servo motor, is controlled by a wired, or wireless, delta touch screen nc control unit, enabling accurate, infinite Rpm control. If you carry out the same job regularly with the machine, once you find the optimum performance setting and values, these can be set into the nc control unit and recalled in the future.



The tool slides are available in various configurations to accept the full range of TAG tooling.
Standard - Low profile, ligh tweight, for tight access situations.utilising standard TAG HSsCo Blade tooling
For Cutting & Bevelling all materials up to 25mm w/t.

Heavy Duty - utilising TAG’s 25mm square HD HSsCo tool steel for stability and ridgidity. Spacing inserts can be positioned behind the tooling for heavy wall step-prep ‘V’ and Compound bevels.
For Cutting & Bevelling of all materials up to 60mm w/t

Heavy Duty O/D Tracking - A bearing wheel housed in the tool slide, is compressed to the O/D of the Pipe by 2 x 150lb springs, ensuring an even, accurate weld prep and root face, by tracking the O/D contour of the pipe. especially advantageous for large diameters and heavier wall thicknesses.
For Cutting & Bevelling of all materials of up to 100mm w/t

Counterbore Tool Slide - the counterbore slide module accessory bolts directly to the standard tool slide and can be installed immediately upon completion of the cut & external Bevel, to remove any internal inconsistencies prior to welding.
The counterbore tool slide module is available in a range of travel lengths.



A range of different gears are available to adjust the feed rate of the tooling relative to the requirements of the job. Contact one of the taG tech team to discuss your requirements.

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e-mail us some pictures of our equipment in use, and if we use them on the website, or in any of our literature we'll give you a £50 credit against your next order!!!

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The latest addition to TAG Pipe’s range - rapid fit up, pipe-welding alignment clamps, is the latest version of the ‘E-Z’ Fit Red. Boasting a range of 1" to 12" in just 3 clamps! The new ‘E-Z’ Fit Red can be used on stainless steel without any additional accessories, preventing contamination of the pipe during fit up.