TAG E-Z Cut 3D



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The E-Z Cut 3D portable oxy-fuel cutting machine can cut in versus angle and shapes.

From flat to curved and shaped surfaces, including channel, pipes and vessels, shipbuilding, plate and angled steel.

The E-Z Cut 3D portable oxy-fuel cutting machine is very compact and light, easy to handle and transport, making it ideal for ship, vessel, dome and tank/building or repair.


Features and Benefits

All position oxy-fuel cutting

Cuts flat, bended, or twisted steel plates in all positions and directions.


Permanent magnet rails

Secures rail to plate; allows the rail to be used vertically.


Clutch lever

Allows quick positioning of machine on rail.


Amazingly light weight

Only 4.5kg and compact; machine can be carried easily to anywhere.


3D 1000mm long, Extendable Flex Track

Ideal for making straight and curved cuts in 1, 2 and 3D.

Extendable track enables cutting of long, shaped and contoured steel but with 1500 (60") - 2000mm (80") minimum curve radius.

The 3D 1000 mm flex track rail is made out of specialized rubber that can handle the heat coming out from the oxy-fuel cutting process.

The track comes standard with 5 permanent magnets.

E-Z Cut 3D Portable Oxy-fuel Cutting Machines can be used for the following gas-mix:

Acetylene / Propane / Natural / Ethylene / Mapp


Available in 110v or 220v power supply.


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