TAG EZ Wipes™

Multi-purpose saturated cleaning wipes. With EZ Wipes™ it’s...

EZ to be Contaminant Free


TAG EZ Wipes™


  • EZ Wipes™ are multi-purpose, saturated, abrasive cleaning wipes that remove oil, dirt, grease, marker, inks, lubricants, loose particles and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces
  • EZ Wipes™ are ideal for cleaning industrial work surfaces,tools, machinery and especially pipes, where contamination can severely impact the quality of the weld
  • EZ Wipes™ feature a specialised two-sided cleaning fabric, an abrasive side to loosen dried on surface contaminants and a smooth side to reveal a cleaner, polished surface
  • After removing slag with a wire brush, use EZ Wipes™ to ensure all impurities are removed from pipe surfaces


EZ to Use

  • EZ Wipes™ unique, eco-friendly formula contains Limonene, a natural solvent
  • EZ Wipes™ provide a one step controlled application with maximum cleaning power
  • More convenient to use than solution and rags, pre-saturated EZ Wipes™ make cleaning nearly effortless; simply pull the wipe from the canister and start cleaning!
  • EZ Wipes™ are available in two convenient sizes. EZ Wipes™ Toolbox contain 30 wipes in a handy, portable canister, perfect for carrying to the job site. EZ Wipes™ Fab Shop contain 70 wipes, an economy size for permanent work bench settings

EZ to Save

  • EZ Wipes™ provide a quick and effective method to clean almost any surface
  • With EZ Wipes™ there is no need to buy multiple cleaning products
  • EZ Wipes™ allow welders to reduce time spent on cleaning pipe surfaces and increase time spent on welding



Ready to use; Disposable; Shred Resistant; Lint Free; CFC & HCFC free. EZ Wipes™
clean Machine Parts, Tools, Machines, Bench Top Areas, Vinyl Surfaces, Equipment
and Other Metal Surfaces.


Use EZ Wipes™ to Remove

Lubricants; Oils; Grease; Marker; Inks; Loose particles and other contaminants.


Pure Welds Start With Preparation

EZ Wipes™ remove permanent marker, grease and other contaminants.


TAG EZ Wipes™

Sizes and Specifications
EZPW50 EZ Wipes™ Tool Box 8" x 12" 30 24
EZPW100 EZ Wipes™ Fab Shop 8" x 12" 70 12


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