TAG Fiback Tape

Fiberglass weld backing tape

Eliminate / Reduce The Need For Back Purging

FiBack Tape is a heat resistant aluminium tape with a woven fiberglass centre strip, designed to eliminate or reduce the need for purging and create a weld pool enclosure.


TAG Fiback Tape

Features and Advantages

  • Reduces setup time
  • Eliminates/minimise need for back purging
  • Reduces post-weld grinding
  • Cuts down on post-weld clean up
  • Increases weld productivity, reduces costs
  • Heat resistant



FiBack Tape can be used with carbon steel (left photo) or stainless steel (right photo), for sheet to sheet or pipe to pipe welding. The ¼” gap between the sheet metal has been welded with .045” flux core. Notice that the fiberglass has not burned away and there is no appearance of oxidation.
FiBack Tape consists of two outer adhesive strips separated by a woven fiberglass centre strip. The adhesive edges stick to the area surrounding the root gap with the woven fiberglass strip being positioned to the backside of the root gap.


How FiBack Tape Works - A Simple 3 Step Application Process



Fiback Tape

Sizing and Specification
FBT-2.5 FiBack Tape 2.5" (64 mm) 1" (26mm) 41’ (12.5m)
FBT-4.0 FiBack Tape 4.0" (102 mm) 1" (26mm) 41’ (12.5m)
Heat Resistance Adhesive 752°F 400°C
Heat Resistance Aluminium Tape 1,112°F 600°C
Heat Resistance Fiberglass Strip 1,832°F 1000°C
For application up to 300 AMPS


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