TAG Purge Bag System

Sizes: 2 to 24” (50 to 610mm)

Double Inflatable Pipe Weld Purging Systems

Due to the design of these systems, the volume of gas used to purge is minimised, resulting in significant savings in both time and the quantity of inert gas used. Return on investment can be achieved in as little as just one or two welds. These robust systems can be used over and over again paying for themselves in very little time.


TAG Purge Bag System

Features and Advantages

  • TAG’s Inflatable Pipe Purging Systems dramatically reduce purging times leading to significant savings in labour costs
  • Typical purge times for 4" pipe = 1½ mins; 8" pipe = 4 mins; 12" pipe = 8 mins
  • Ready to use, connects to a dedicated and regulated gas supply. Choose any flow rate up to 20l a min. Through the pre-set purge valve
  • Gas pressure control ensures an even positive root bead with no notching
  • Quick and easy to install simplifying the process of inert gas purging
  • Heat resistant up to 70ºc continuously
  • Use less inert gas. The volume of purge gas used is less than 2% of that required for a conventional purge


How it works

The Purge Bag Systems in the range manufactured by TAG are designed around the principle of using 2 dams to create a seal either side of the weld, just far enough away from the weld not to be effected by heat but close enough to the joint to provide the fastest weld purge time. These dams are connected by an armoured spinal tube.
Once ready to start purging, the system is inserted into the bore of the pipe using the luminous strip to centre the system to the weld gap.
When the gas flow is started, the dams inflate and, upon reaching the pre-set pressure, the valve releases the gas gently into the weld chamber, to purge the interspace without turbulence. The Oxygen is removed from the weld chamber through the integral exhaust tubes in the bags. Used in conjunction with TAG’s Oxygen Monitors to indicate when the required low level of oxygen has been reached, welding can then commence, with the inert gas enabling the welder to produce an even oxidation free penetration weld bead. Afterwards, the dams are deflated simply by disconnecting the purge gas feed and the system easily withdrawn. The design of these systems means that only one gas connection is required for both dam inflation and weld purging.

TAG Purge Bag System Options

Sizes and Specifications
PB02 50mm / 2" 0.34kg 44—57mm
PB03 75mm / 3" 0.34kg 58—84mm
PB04 100mm / 4" 0.34kg 80—110mm
PB05 125mm / 5" 0.38kg 103—135mm
PB06 150mm / 6" 0.38kg 124—162mm
PB08 200mm / 8" 0.90kg 175—213mm
PB10 250mm / 10" 1.0kg 230—265mm
PB12 300mm / 12" 1.1kg 265—305mm
PB14 350mm / 14" 1.3kg 330—355mm
PB16 400mm / 16" 1.7kg 380—405mm
PB18 450mm / 18" 1.8kg 430—455mm
PB20 500mm / 20" 1.9kg 485—510mm
PB22 550mm / 22" 2.2kg 535—560mm
PB24 600mm / 24" 2.5kg 585—610mm
PBS401 30 meter argon feed hose assembly for The TAG Pipe Purge Bag System to dedicated and regulated gas supply. Fitted at one end with a 3/8" female gas regulator connector and at the other end with a fitting to attach to the inflation hose.

* Larger sizes and specials available on request, however Rapid Purge on pages 32 & 33 strongly recommended over 12"


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