TAG Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

Sizes: 2” to 80” (45” to 2040mm)

Single inflatable damns for blocking and testing

TAG offers a range of shapes and sizes of inflatable stoppers, suitable for all applications. Made from a natural rubber bladder covered in waterproof polyurethane coated nylon to prevent friction and static electricity build up.


TAG Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

There are six different types available:

  • Cylindrical - These are generally used for blocking pipes where access is restricted
  • Spherical - These stoppers have less contact area than cylindrical stoppers, and are most suited to applications where access is further limited. Due to its shape the spherical inflatable stopper can be used at any angle
  • Square / Rectangular - These stoppers have a variety of applications, including in air conditioning ducting and venting.
  • Doughnut - These stoppers require minimal space and are perfectly suited to larger diameter pipes as there is less inflation required
  • Sausage - The design of this type gives more contact area between the stopper and the pipe wall enabling these stoppers to hold back more pressure
  • Heat Resistant - These stoppers are made from a specially designed kevlar and nomex mix material to withstand temperatures up to 500°c for applications involving higher temperatures such as pre heating

Each inflatable stopper comes with an inflation hose fitted with a schraeder valve enabling inflation with a standard airline, bicycle or foot pump.

TAG Pipe Purge System inflatable stoppers are supplied as standard with no through tube. Through tubes can be supplied when the stoppers are required for weld purging applications.
When deflated, the inflatable stoppers can be inserted and withdrawn with ease.

TAG Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

Sizing and Specification
IPS2 50mm / 2" 45mm 55mm
IPS3 75mm / 3" 70mm 80mm
IPS4 100mm / 4" 95mm 105mm
IPS5 125mm / 5" 120mm 130mm
IPS6 150mm / 6" 145mm 155mm
IPS7 175mm / 7" 170mm 180mm
IPS8 200mm / 8" 195mm 205mm
IPS9 225mm / 9" 220mm 230mm
IPS10 250mm / 10" 245mm 255mm
IPS11 275mm / 11" 270mm 280mm
IPS12 300mm / 12" 295mm 305mm
IPS13 325mm / 13" 320mm 330mm
IPS14 350mm / 14" 345mm 355mm
IPS15 375mm / 15" 370mm 380mm
IPS16 400mm / 16" 395mm 405mm
IPS17 425mm / 17" 420mm 430mm
IPS18 450mm / 18" 445mm 455mm
IPS19 475mm / 19" 470mm 480mm
IPS20 500mm / 20" 495mm 505mm
IPS21 525mm / 21" 520mm 530mm
IPS22 550mm / 22" 545mm 555mm
IPS23 575mm / 23" 570mm 580mm
IPS24 600mm / 24" 595mm 605mm
IPS26 650mm / 26" 645mm 655mm
IPS27 675mm / 27" 670mm 680mm
IPS28 700mm / 28" 695mm 705mm
IPS30 750mm / 30" 745mm 755mm
IPS32 800mm / 32" 795mm 805mm
IPS34 850mm / 34" 845mm 855mm
IPS36 900mm / 36" 895mm 905mm
IPS39 1000mm / 39" 995mm 1005mm
IPS44 1100mm / 44" 1095mm 1105mm
IPS48 1200mm / 48" 1195mm 1205mm
IPS51 1300mm / 51" 1295mm 1305mm
IPS55 1400mm / 55" 1395mm 1405mm
IPS60 1500mm / 60" 1495mm 1505mm
IPS63 1600mm / 63" 1595mm 1605mm
IPS67 1700mm / 67" 1695mm 1705mm
IPS71 1800mm / 71" 1795mm 1805mm
IPS75 1900mm / 75" 1895mm 1905mm
IPS79 2000mm / 79" 1995mm 2005mm
IPS80 2035mm / 80" 2030mm 2040mm

* Larger sizes available upon request


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The latest addition to TAG Pipe’s range - rapid fit up, pipe-welding alignment clamps, is the latest version of the ‘E-Z’ Fit Red. Boasting a range of 1" to 12" in just 3 clamps! The new ‘E-Z’ Fit Red can be used on stainless steel without any additional accessories, preventing contamination of the pipe during fit up.