TAG Plate Bevel Pro 18

Range: ¼" - 1½"

The TAG Plate Bevel Pro 18 is our most popular portable plate edge bevelling machine.

As with all models the TAG Plate Bevel Pro18 offers automatic self feeding of the plate when bevelling small strips or, once positioned on a large plate will travel along the edge with no requirement for intervention by the operator.

Angles from 22½ to 55 degrees can be machined without any additional accessory.

The TAG Plate Bevel Pro 18 is fitted with a two speed motor, enabling the operator to reduce the speed according to the material to be machined, thus dramatically increasing the life of the milling tool when bevelling stainless steel and more exotic materials.

The TAG Plate Bevel Pro 18 is also available as an upside-down version.

Download our Plate Bevel Pro 18 Catalogue Here



  • Functions: Bevelling of Steel plates
  • Materials: Any kind of Steel and Exotic Alloy
  • Power: Electric. 3 phase

The Plate Bevel Pro 18 machine gives you a clean bevelled weld ready surface with no thermal distortion, saving time and money. This model offers automatic self feeding of the plate when bevelling small strips, or, once positioned on a large plate will travel along the edge to the end with no requirement for intervention by the operator.

The Plate Bevel Pro 18, once mounted onto the plate, will propel itself along automatically, producing the bevel as it goes.

This makes the Plate Bevel Pro 18 perfect for large plates, as there is very little requirement for intervention from the operator.



The Plate Bevel Pro 18 can also be mounted onto a table for the bevelling of small pieces. The self feeding milling tool will drive the material through the machine while it bevels, so the operator just needs to insert the plate into, and remove the plate from, the machine.

The Plate Bevel Pro 18 is also capable of bevelling radii and curved plate, such as a pre rolled vessels or heat exchangers.


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