TAG Quattro Pipe Stand

Heavy duty pipe stands for large diameter and heavy wall pipe

The Quattro Pipe Stands are the solution to heavy duty pipe handling.

Pipe Size Capacity: 1″ - 36″
Pipe Load Capacity: 2.2 Ton / 2,265kg / 5,000lbs
Height Adjustable: 24″ - 44″ (61cm - 112cm)

The Quattro can be supplied with lockable castor wheels so pipe can be moved around a workshop or site, without using a crane or forklift. Head styles are available for rotational or transferal movement.

Download our Quattro Pipe Stand Catalogue Here

The Quattro heavy duty Pipe Stands are the ideal solution for heavy duty pipe handling, in the workshop or for site applications.

The Large V-Head, heavy duty base and variety of head options make the Quattro the most durable and versatile pipe stand on the market.

The Quattro stand can be used as a simple jack stand, supplied as standard with levelling pads to accommodate uneven working surfaces.

Weight load tested to 2,265kg / 5,000lbs per stand.

The Quattro stands can also be supplied with lockable 8" castor wheels so pipes of up to 36" diameter and any length can be moved around a workshop or site, without the need for a crane or forklift.


Features and Advantages

  • Load capacity 2,265kg / 5,000lbs
  • Variety of head options available
  • Optional castor wheels for pipe transportation
  • Height adjustable
  • Heavy duty box section construction
  • CE Conformity Certified with CE Mark

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