TAG Pro Point Plus Tungsten Grinder

The ultimate in electrode grinding for optimal TIG Welding

The Pro Point Plus is a unique wet tungsten electrode grinding machine, and offers the most precise and environmentally friendly way of preparing Tungsten electrodes for TIG welding. The Pro Point Plus is constructed with a unique disposable container which automatically collects all toxic dust particles, eliminating the need for any separate extraction systems. The container can then be safely disposed of in accordance with regulations.
A precise angle is paramount to producing the high quality of the weld seams and also increases the number of reignitions between grinding, thus improving productivity and prolonging the life of the electrode.
Using the Pro Point Plus, it is simple to produce the exact angle required. A unique digital angle display and special locking device allows the operator to position the electrode precisely, and the grinding is carried out in the correct longitudinal direction along the electrode.


TAG Pro Point Plus Tungsten Grinder

Key Features

  • 3 grinding positions on the grinding wheel, effectively tripling the grinding life of the wheel
  • Longitudinal Grinding of electrodes for the best results
  • Cold wet grinding combined with the diamond wheels’ high grinding speed ensure that the tungsten electrode always has a polished and even surface
  • Easy, safe disposal of hazardous grinding dust in the replaceable cartridge
  • Digital angle setting for quick reference and repeatable accuracy
  • Tungsten as short as 10mm can be ground ensuring minimal wastage and making the Pro Point Plus perfect for orbital welding applications
  • No tools are needed for the easy removal of the waste container for its safe disposal
  • Set up the grinder and re-produce the same electrode over and over


TAG Pro Point Plus Tungsten Grinder Options

Part No. PPPTG1: 110v
Part No. PPPTG2: 220v
Power Supply 230v / 110v 50—60Hz
Electrodes 1.0mm to 4.0mm*
RPM 10000
Grinding Speed 60m/sec
Diamond Wheel 100mm diameter
Min. Grinding Length 10mm
Angles 7.5°—90° (15°—180° Tip)
Cutting Length 10—175mm
Weight 12.8kg / 28lbs

* Larger sizes available upon request


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