TAG Pro Point Tungsten Grinder

The dedicated workshop tool

Precise and accurate grinding of tungsten electrodes with repeatable points every time TAG’s Pro Point Tungsten Electrode Grinder allows you to grind your tungsten electrodes in precisely the correct technical manner to provide stable arc performance.


TAG Pro Point Tungsten Grinder

Features and Advantages

  • Consistent points every time
  • Angle Selection Bracket
  • Consistent and repeatable arc performance
  • Longitudinal grinding for technically correct technique
  • Dramatically reduced arc flicker or wander
  • Multi Holed Tungsten guide for grinding tungsten electrodes from 1/16" to 5/32" (1.6mm to 4.0mm)
  • High power motor that will not stall or burn out
  • Collet system for grinding short electrodes for orbital welding heads
  • High quality, technically superior diamond grinding wheel
  • British Manufactured
  • Quiet in Operation
  • CE Conformity Certified with CE Mark
  • Available as 110 volt or 220 volt versions 50/60 Hz


The Dust Extraction System

We have designed a new vacuum dust extraction unit for this unit. The vacuum extraction version collects the carcinogenic dust from the grinding of red, or orange tipped thoriated tungsten electrodes. The motor is so powerful that we offer a lifetime guarantee. The vacuum pump extraction is powered from either a 110 volt or 220 volt motor that is also used to turn the grinding wheel. Hazardous dust is easily collected to allow safe disposal.
The unit uses a self contained 5 to 7 micron filter that can be easily maintained and changed by the operator at the end of its shelf life (roughly 150 hrs). The vacuum unit is expected to remove 100% of the dust exhausted from the grinding heel area.


TAG Pro Point Tungsten Grinder Options

PRO POINT TUNGSTEN GRINDER (without Extraction Unit)
Part No. PPTG1: 110v
Part No. PPTG2: 220v
Dimensions 410 x 300 x 225mm
Nett Weight 8.3kg / 18lbs
Gross Weight 10.2kg / 22lbs
Volumetric Weight 4.62kg / 10lbs
Part No. PPTGE1:110v
Part No. PPTGE2: 220v
Dimensions 470 x 430 x 300mm
Nett Weight 13.2kg / 29lbs
Gross Weight 16kg / 35lbs
Volumetric Weight 12.5kg / 27lbs


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