TAG Cage Clamps

Size specific rapid locking external alignment pipe clamps

Cage Clamps are the cost effective method to quickly align a single size of pipe.

There are three versions available; manual, ratchet and hydraulic.

These are available in two styles, either “Tack” or “No Tack”.

The tack type has straight cross bars and is removed from the pipe before final welding.

The more popular no tack model has arched cross bars to permit a 90% circumferential weld without removing the clamp.

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    Manual Cage Clamps
    Range: 4 - 24"

    The TAG Manual Cage Clamps are available in sizes ranging from 4 - 24".

    The Cage clamp is designed to achieve rapid alignment of two pieces of pipe prior to welding.

    • Will not back off while weld is being made
    • Simple and easy to use


    Ratchet Cage Clamps
    Range: 20 - 80"

    The TAG Ratchet Type External Line-up Clamp is very strong and accurate, but is also lightweight with either 'standard tack' cross bars or 'No-tack’ arched cross bars.

    • Precision Acme Threads ensure great strength and ease of operation
    • Will not back off while weld is being made
    • Mechanism is enclosed to prevent dirt or mud
    • Standard 1" ratchet handle fits all sizes


    Hydraulic Cage Clamps
    Range: 20 - 80"

    Up to 80" external No-tack type line-up clamps, lines up pipe for weld to enable the maximum weld to be made without moving the clamp, hand toggle or powerful hydraulic for accurate alignment.

    • Hydraulic jack capacity 10 - 12 ton
    • Specials upon request

Pipe Alignment Clamps

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