TAG Tri Chain Vice Stand

A simple but effective solution to small bore pipe handling

Pipe Size Capacity: 1/2″ - 6″
Height: 36″ (91cm) 

The TAG Tri Chain Vice Stand is a proven design used in construction sites around the globe.

TAG offer the same features and quality as other brands but at the most competitive price.

Download our Tri Chain Vice Stand Catalogue Here

    Optimised Base For More Working Area
    Benders are located at the rear of the base and three tool hangers are provided

    Integrated Ground Lug
    Provides a conductive surface to connect the earth cable

    Self Hooking for 4" Pipe
    No need to use a second hand to engage the chain into the wear plate

    Leg Chain
    Retains legs even when subjected to rugged use during operation and transport

    Rugged Tool Tray
    Prolonged stability before requiring a leg adjustment


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Mathey Dearman Inc., B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC, and TAG Pipe Equipment Specialist Ltd. are proud to announce the merging of the three companies into one business. While the strong brand names will continue, the new organization will be named Specialized Fabrication Equipment Group, or The S.F.E. Group.