TAG Plate Bevelling Machines


The beveling and weld preparation of platework has always been a messy and expensive process. Not anymore, our plate beveling machines, handheld platework beveler and weld prep equipment will get your project done in a clean and cost efficient way in no time.

The TAG ‘PLATE BEVEL PRO range of portable handheld platework bevelers and weld prep machines, using a rotating milling tool, or high speed tipped insert head, bevels of almost any angle can be achieved, on any material!!

The TAG PLATE BEVEL PRO plate beveling machines are designed to produce very little mess with minimal vibration, making them the fastest, most health and safety friendly solution to any workshop or on-site plate bevelling requirement.

Hand Held Models: TAG PIPE EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS LTD's range of handheld beveling machines are the most durable and versatile on the market.

The range is capable of bevelling straight edges, shapes and contours, holes, and both the internal and external walls of pipe, from 10° to 80°.

Using tungsten carbide inserts the machines can bevel up to 40mm on Aluminium plate, and an impressive 15mm on stainless steel. Our plate beveling machines & handheld platework beveler and weld prep equipment are second to none in the industry.

These units can also be used for dressing and de-burring, and are available with a range of radius heads and inserts.